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The wifi has returned!! For good hopefully :3 
And just in time for night time tumblrin .

My wifi keeps breaking and my phone data is reallyyyy slow because I live on the border. Dammit Internet!!
You never work when I actually need you! >____

Mark is talking me to see How To Train Your Dragon tomorrow and to get Slushies!! :D ♥ 
Toothless is just so cute :) 

It’s a good job we’re not having children because I already am a big baby.


My kind were not made for such weather.



if you scream at 19yr old retail workers who are trying their hardest till they cry i hope you fucking burn in the deepest level of hell

and even if they’re not trying their hardest tbh

even if their biggest priority in life is somehow not to help you with their purchase

even if they’re putting the bare minimum of effort into their job

what gives you the right to scream at somebody who is doing you a service for very low pay until they cry

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